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Tous woman Perfumes

The arrival of the Tous women's perfumes completely revolutionized the female perfume industry. This successful jewelry firm bet, at the beginning of century, by entering a complicated and demanding commercial sector fully. The result can only be considered as a resounding success. His creative line stands out for its young and attractive style that hasn't lost sight of the elegant and delicate aromas par excellence.

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Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items

Online perfume shop TOUS for woman

Tous edp Tous gold It marked the path to success. A fragrance of the year 2002 that focuses on the floral aromas. A delicate and naive proposal which falls by the warmth of their accents, including such exotic ingredients as rosewood from Brazil or Morocco cedar.

The perfumer Olivier Crespi was commissioned to establish to the Tous women's perfumes in the forefront. It was launched in the year 2002 Tous edt Tous silver, a light Edition which is characterized by its delicate floral bouquet. A real spring that contrasts with moderate citrus and green intensity of cedar in Morocco.

After two successful launches, played time to create something completely different and iconic within the Tous women's perfumesTous Touch It represents all the passion that this signature when creating a fragrance. The nose of the perfumer Sophie Labbé was born, in the year 2006, a perfume with a truly captivating gourmand fruity floral olfactory pyramid. An idea of background notes in the perfume industry. This perfume took the market a version more soft and floral Tous Touch Sensual. among its successes are also Tous Love and Tous Rosa.

Attractive aromas in Tous fragrances for women

Since the launch of Tous perfumes for women, the brand has had a great sales success and has increased its international prestige. In its fragrances seeks to convey the spirit of the brand, fun, cheerful. Also the joy of living and enjoying all the moments of life. Its most notable aromas are the floral aromas with warm notes.

In Perffumes you can find the wide range of Tous fragrances for women, with the purpose that you can select the one that best suits your taste and needs. You only have to worry about choosing the one that combines with you, because if you take it home we will take care of it.