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Slava Zaïtsev woman Perfumes

Graduated in 1962 from the textile Institute in Moscow, the passion for fashion and his unquestionable talent led to designer Slava Zaïtsev to circumvent the difficulties of the time which had to live and achieve success. Their own version of the Russian traditional costumes and the color of your clothes led to the signing created in 1978 by the Russian to conquer markets around the world.

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Online perfume shop SLAVA ZAÏTSEV for woman

The incursion of the signature in the perfumery came when the company already enjoyed a very good reputation with the Maroussia perfume in 1991. Notes of jasmine, iris, vanilla and musk of this floral oriental gave out to the collection of Slava Zaïtsev woman perfumes. The success of the Hill Maroussia, which still enjoys today, it would be only the precedent of what would get the Slava Zaïtsev woman perfumes. Select and sophisticated line of Slava Zaïtsev woman perfumes It has achieved despite its small size a large number of followers who have become stalwarts of the firm.

Floral scents in Slava Zaïtsev fragrances for women

Slava Zaïtsev perfumes for women are composed of floral aromas with soft and elegant notes. The brand has achieved little by little since its inception to gain a foothold in the market, achieving great international success and sales. He has known how to adapt to the changing tastes of society. Its aromas do not go unnoticed.

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