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Rosario Flores woman Perfumes

The perfumes Rosario Flores of woman they are part of a collection that came to light in 2006. In fact, that year the popular singer presented his Cologne Alma, a fragrance of Floral olfactory family that was born from the work of the perfumer Manolo Barrado. In this sense, is worth mentioning, as it could not be otherwise, the artist collaborated elbow with elbow with him for, as it happens with the rest of perfumes Rosario Flores, transmit its essence. Without a doubt, a Perfume designed for women full of life that give priority to the freshness and spontaneity.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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Later, already in 2008, the singer presented her Perfume more intimate and personal under the name of Siento. In fact, its floral aroma is perfect for women elegant, distinguished and but who do not renounce the originality and fun in no time. Finally, already in 2010, became the Cologne that is probably the most successful of all those that make up the collection of perfumes Rosario Flores. We speak, of course, of the Colonia De Mil Colores, a fragrance that combines perfectly with the floral citrus elements.

Aromas with character in Rosario Flores fragrances for women

The perfumes Rosario Flores for women present some tonalities and characteristics of the singer. In these fragrances he has wanted to reflect his personality with the smallest detail, in order to express his feelings and vitality. The floral aromas make the elegance manifest, always maintaining the line of originality and fun.

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