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A myth of the fashion that began in 1925 when Marcel Rochas created your sewing workshop in Paris and tripled after his death in 1955 when his third wife took the reins of the firm. The corset, the luxury of the Chantilly and the tight-fitting silhouettes, conquered the red carpets of Hollywood and the covers of Vogue at the time becoming an indispensable fashion scene to its founder. With his muse and wife, Hélène Rochas, front, the firm gave prominence to its line of perfumes and wasn't until well into the new century when he returned the splendor of your clothes.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items

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The first steps in the perfumery's signature, occurred in the Decade of the 1930s, with the launch of a collection composed of three perfumes that would be withdrawn from the market during the war. With the aim of giving his wife on their wedding day something that survived the passage of time, Marcel created by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska a fragrance that was considered the culmination of the artistic success of the designer. Since then, almost exclusive dedication to the aromas of the firm has succeeded in giving as a result a spectacular bouquet of Rochas perfumes women.

Vials containing elaborate and elegant and very different aromas that different olfactive families, explore the Rochas perfumes women they have becomein essential within the perfume as it were their fashion in the golden age. With its legendary today Eau de Rochas followed closely by the Rochas perfumes women Eau Sensuelle RochasMuse, Les Cascades,Tocade, the firm has conquered the public raising at the same time with the top of the charts.

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The perfumes Rochas for women have a great historical trajectory, since its inception have been improving and innovating to adapt to changes and social tastes. Together with their aromas, the unique designs stand out. For women, Rochas is a song to beauty, to the freedom of women and to femininity. Today, this brand has achieved a great international prestige.

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