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Perfumes PRADA for woman

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Prada woman Perfumes

One of the most renowned today, was born in 1913 as a workshop of artisan treatment directed by Mario Prada leather and his brother under the name of Fratelli Prada. The trunks, bags and accessories that were reached great popularity in the market of European luxury of the time but it would not reach its maximum splendor until the 90's. Under the direction of Mario's granddaughter and her husband, his first ready-to-wear line and diversification to other fields such as the women's Prada perfumes and man, you were at the head of the luxury brands.

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  • 73,75 €
    110,07 € In stock
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  • 55,75 €
    84,47 € In stock
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  • Les Infusions Prada Iris edp 100 ml

    73,95 €
    104,15 € In stock
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  • Les Infusions Prada Iris edp 200 ml

    86,50 €
    125,36 € In stock
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  • 43,95 €
    63,70 € In stock
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  • La Femme Prada edp 50 ml

    59,95 €
    88,16 € In stock
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  • La Femme Prada edp 100 ml

    84,75 €
    126,49 € In stock
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  • 35,76 €
    55,02 € In stock
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  • Prada Candy Florale edt 50 ml

    47,50 €
    74,22 € In stock
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  • Prada Candy Florale edt 80 ml

    60,95 €
    96,75 € In stock
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  • 67,95 €
    97,07 € In stock
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  • Prada La Femme Intense edp 100 ml

    97,95 €
    137,96 € In stock
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  • 55,85 €
    82,13 € In stock
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  • Prada Candy edp 80 ml

    70,95 €
    107,50 € In stock
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  • 59,95 €
    85,64 € In stock
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  • Prada Candy Sugar Pop edp 80 ml

    74,95 €
    110,22 € In stock
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  • 57,95 €
    80,49 € In stock
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  • 73,95 €
    99,93 € In stock
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  • Prada Infusion Fleur d'Oranger edp 200 ml

    89,50 €
    126,06 € In stock
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  • 41,95 €
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Online perfume shop PRADA for woman

The firm sought for introduction into the aromas of the complicity of the brothers Scott and presented in 2004 with a short made by them the first of their women's Prada perfumes, Prada eau de parfum. After its great success the firm continued exploring the world of perfumery and managed to offer a complete and varied collection of women's Prada perfumes. His most acclaimed fragrances, Prada Candy Florale, Prada Candy and Prada infusion D'iris they have managed to also carry the myth of Prada perfumes.

Aromas with a lot of tradition in Prada fragrances for women

The Prada brand is accompanied by a great history from its origins, has gone through different periods and has had to know how to adapt to changes in the tastes and needs of society. Hence, Prada perfumes for women have been designed based on that experience, always keeping the line that defines the brand. Its fragrances are pure, exquisite, full of an authentic elegance.

Discover the complete collection of Prada fragrances for women in our online perfumery, where you can select the one that best matches your style and meets your needs. You will only have to worry about choosing the most suitable one for you, since we will take you home from home.

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