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Playboy woman Perfumes

Playboy It is probably one of the most famous brands in the world. Known in its early days by magazine for adults that bears his name, today also enjoys great prestige for its collections of fashion and, above all, perfumes. And is that the colonies of Playboy for woman they squander luxury, sensuality and glamour, something that has earned him to earn millions of fans all over the world.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Online perfume shop PLAYBOY for woman

The Perfume highlights of Playboy for woman is the Playboy Vip Cologne. Put on sale in 2012, this Floral fruity olfactive family fragrance stands out for its notes of Apple, Peony and Mandarin, which then give witness to the vanilla flower. Finally, cashmere, musk and sandalwood are the finishing touch. In addition, the Cologne Super Playboy, Despite follow this trend, has a more youthful character marked by tenderness and the exoticism of the bird of paradise and the Freesia.

Seductive scents in Playboy fragrances for women

Playboy fragrances for women represent an authentic revolution since this brand began with the magazine. Playboy has combined fruity and floral aromas to convey the characteristics of the brand, that sensuality, seduction, glamor, accompanied by youth. The women who define brands are sexy, flirtatious, conquering and with great sensual appeal.

In Perffumes you can find the different models and formats of Playboy fragrances for women, so you can select the one that best suits your style and needs. Buy it online comfortably and quickly and easily. Start showing it off in your next encounters. These perfumes will not go unnoticed.