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Paula Echevarría woman Perfumes

Paula Echevarría It is a popular Spanish actress who, for many years, enjoys great success and reputation in the world of television. In fact, this circumstance has earned him to have more than one appearance in the world of cinema. Considered as a reference for good taste and elegance, glamour, this interpreter took a step beyond launching some clothing designs for woman and, subsequently, daring with the universe of fragrances. Proof of this was the presentation of the Perfumes Paula Echevarría Woman that took place during the month of September 2015.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Online perfume shop PAULA ECHEVARRÍA for woman

In this presentation, Paula Echevarría He had the opportunity of presenting to the world a few perfumes inspired by her own and are especially intended for women with character, decided and who know very well what they want. In addition, without forgetting the elegance and sophistication that seem to wrap his image. To achieve all this the Paula Echevarría perfume woman It consists, in General, by citrus fruits such as lemon and the lime, floral notes and other elements like bergamot, pink pepper, the musc, wood and blueberries.

Therefore, these perfumes designed by popular actress they squander freshness and joy. In addition, they are both perfect to be used daily to, for example, go to work and for special occasions that require certain amount of sophistication. In short, a few fragrances that, by the softness of its aromas, take up space and do not go unnoticed.

Sophisticated aromas in Paula Echevarría fragrances for women

The Paula Echevarría perfumes for women have been designed taking care of all the final notes, to reflect the personality of the singer. These fragrances are aimed at women with vitality and character. In its aromas, fruit and floral aromas stand out with a touch of freshness and softness.

In our online perfume shop you will find the Paula Echevarría fragrances for women so that you can buy it online and take it home in a comfortable, easy and fast way without any problem. With these perfumes you will enjoy both the night and the day, you will notice the change as well as the people around you.