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Paloma Picasso woman Perfumes

The Perfumes Paloma Picasso Woman they are inspired by the world of art and painting. And it is the versatility of this designer is beyond all doubt. Paloma Picasso bets for a fragrance with a very personal and intimate seal unclassifiable. Proposals which can only be born of a creative and imaginative mind. The 80's saw the birth of the first fragrances of this firm which collected a superb artistic tradition and blend it with the natural and sensual aromas. The result is a collection of women's Paloma Picasso perfumes that you develop to perfection the concept of feminine elegance.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Online perfume shop PALOMA PICASSO for woman

Its great success is Paloma Picasso eau de Parfum, a launched in 1984 and designed by Pamola Picasso fragrance. A palpable demonstration of the importance that has your personal touch to the designer. This proposal see the intensity and depth of aroma floral Cyprus Court seductive and passionate. An exclusive and luxurious notes that travel from the earthy aromas and woody to the velvety softness of floral chords that represent it. Without a doubt, a clear example of the mimo presenting the Perfumes Paloma Picasso Woman.

Personal scents in Paloma Picasso fragrances for women

Paloma Picasso perfumes for women are characterized by being very artistic with a lot of versatility. Its aromas have very personal properties of this designer. Since its origins it has evolved to adapt to the tastes and needs of new societies, but always maintaining the sensuality and naturalness that defines the brand.

In Perffumes you can find the different models of Paloma Picasso fragrances for women, so you can select the one that best suits what you are really looking for. Buy online quickly, easily and comfortably without leaving home. Get these perfumes and show them off at your next event.