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Pacha woman Perfumes

Pacha It is a group Spanish entrepreneur dedicated initially to the Organization of events, specifically to the world of the night. This had to start at the end of the 60's. This company's first business was a nightclub in Ibiza's large size and popularity. Later this commercial Group expanded the business with the creation of a line of fashion accessories, fashion and perfumes. All the Perfumes Pacha Woman they are part of the line Pacha Ibiza and they are destined for a youthful, dynamic and outgoing public.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

Online perfume shop PACHA for woman

Pacha Ibiza edt It's another belonging to the line fragrances Pacha Ibiza. It is intended for a profile of young and self-confident woman. Extracts of lemon, bergamot, Apple, Garden, gar denia and of course, the cherry, icon and symbol of the Perfumes Pacha Woman.

Pacha Ibiza Glam is the main fragrance of the Pacha women perfumes. It occurs with a groundbreaking design both in the bottle and in the case. It is a concentrated, sweet aroma which arises from the combination of extracts of jasmine, Plum, apricot, vanilla and benzoin. 

Pacha Ibiza Diva It presents its fragrance in a bottle, Golden and shiny, which evokes a sensuous and attractive character. Its aroma is force pure due to the combination of extracts of raspberry, violet, orange blossom, Peony, vanilla and amber. All this makes this perfume a right choice for an audience with great energy and willing to enjoy the night in its purest state. 

Pacha Ibiza Rosé It is the most delicate of fragrances of Pacha. The bottle symbolizes a woman is sweet and sexy, with a touch of naivety and shyness. Its aroma consists of extracts of orange blossom, pear, peach and hardwoods.

Dynamic aromas in Pacha perfumes for women

The Pacha fragrances for women are characterized by being intended for a young, energetic and very vital public. Also, he likes to go out and enjoy the party. Its aromas stand out for being fresh, fruity, attractive and sensual. Pacha is Ibiza and its essence, of good moments, of instants, relationships that are not forgotten and friendships. His designs are characterized by being fun and modern for a woman who lives intensely.

In Perffumes you will find the wide range of Pacha perfumes for women, where you can select the one that best suits your style and vitality. You only have to worry about choosing the one that best goes with you, because if you take it home we will take care of it so you can enjoy it and show it off at your next party.