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Nelia woman Perfumes

Nelia is a Spanish company dedicated to produce and sell different brands of cosmetics and perfumes, such as Misslyn, Pinaud, Zentropy and others, and some products toiletries like soaps and shower gels.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Online perfume shop NELIA for woman

The Cologne Zentropy Woman is one of the Perfumes Nelia Woman most popular, with a fragrance that perfectly harmonizes its different notes of fruit and floral; Green Apple, pear and bergamot hand in hand to form a scent sensual and rich in nuances, with the support of the jasmine and plum forming a delicate contrast which is characteristic of the Perfumes Nelia Woman.
The Cologne Maderas de Oriente evokes the luxury and the soft warmth of Oriental nights thanks to Jasmine Palace and the Rocío of Flor de Azahar, giving the note of exquisiteness to the Perfumes Nelia Woman. His subtly restrained texture invites joyful sense abandoning in a dreamlike olfactory landscape by effect of the bergamot and the exotic magic of the Ambergris.

Aromas full of sensuality in Nelia fragrances for women

Nelia perfumes for women have been growing little by little in the market until reaching an important notoriety. The aromas that stand out are the perfect combination of floral and fruity with soft and sensual style. These fragrances have been adapted very well to the trends and new tastes of the target audience, making them more ideal to be enjoyed at any time.

In our online perfumery you will find the different models of Nelia perfumes for women so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. It is perfectly valid for both night and day. Buy online and take it easily, quickly and without leaving home. It shows off its aromas full of sensuality.