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Myrurgia woman Perfumes

Brand dedicated to the commercialization of personal care products, founded in 1916 by Esteve Monegal and creative Prat of several of the emblematic products on the Spanish market. A strong creative and artistic personality of his alma mater and his collaboration with reputed artists led to a careful presentation and advertising of cosmetics and Perfumes Myrurgia Woman and man. The quality of its products and an agreement to produce the aromas of several of the most famous and well positioned textile brands led the company to enjoy a great reputation.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Online perfume shop MYRURGIA for woman

The beginnings of the Catalan perfumery House dates back to 1921 when it launched the first of the Perfumes Myrurgia Woman. More than forty years later it would launch one of the main symbols of the firm Agua de Colonia 1916 Original Myrurgia still today continues to have an excellent welcome and is one of the bastions of the firm along with its Perfume promesa. Classic aromas of the Perfumes Myrurgia Woman they bring the sophistication of yesteryear to modern times and have achieved thanks to this crowd of followers.

Classic and natural aromas in Myrurgia fragrances for women

The Myrurgia perfumes for women stand out for having a very characteristic personality, with a very creative and artistic spirit. Hence, little by little his reputation has been increasing. Increasingly, they are reaching new audiences by having very natural aromas, maintaining the original formula, hence they are such classic aromas. Always seeking to maintain that essence that defines the brand.

In our online perfumery you will discover the different models of Myrurgia fragrances for women, so you can choose the one that best suits your style and needs. You only have to worry about selecting which one is the best for you, since we take care of bringing it home comfortably.