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From clothing to Moschino perfumes men and women or to their helmets motorcycle and its hotels, Moschino signature has printed his spirit rebellious and provocative in a large number of articles that represent a style of life. Its creator, Franco Moschino, since his professional career in 1983 and infiltrated the fashion world to challenge him from within. And he got it. Their designs altered what is known up to then-based humor and bursts of colorful and mocking character rose always a great expectation environment its parades or advertising that actually had just amazing.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Online perfume shop MOSCHINO for woman

She took his creative genius to perfumes in 1987 with the production of the first of its Perfumes Moschino Woman. The mixture of this genius with the comparable talents of perfumers Olivier Polge and Antoine Maisondieu, endowed to the signing of a collection of Perfumes Moschino Woman and man of great quality. The three brand lines, adapted to the needs and tastes of different consumer segments, have their own fragrances and therefore both offer of Perfumes Moschino Woman as man, represents an opportunity to find a large number of people the aroma suitable for them.

The floral Cheap and Chic the firm created in 1995 to, Love Love cheap and Chic a version inspired by the original launched almost ten years after citrus notes mixed with Lily of the valleys, sugar cane, cinnamon and wood, they form the winning tandem of the Perfumes Moschino Woman and positioned the firm in a very good place making of the aromas one of the great strengths of the Italian House.

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Moschino perfumes for women have experienced important evolutions with the passage of time since they were created. Using very characteristic aromas, such as floral. Presenting a sophistication and elegance combined with eccentric touches. These fragrances are true works of art, different, attractive and classy. The women of this brand are characterized by the protagonists of their own lives, which go unnoticed.

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