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Legrain woman Perfumes

Legrain is a French brand specially recognized in the land of soaps, especially thanks to its product shower soap star, Moussel, created by Henry Moussel in the 1960s, that would revolutionize the market with its liquid product replacing the hand SOAP.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Online perfume shop LEGRAIN for woman

Its hallmark is a nostalgic tendency towards the vintage, recovering the beauty of classical and emphatically. But Legrain also sells colonies and woman perfumes Legrain as the Cologne Royale Ambree, lemon, lavender and Rosemary, the always refreshing and natural presence of citrus-scented. Royale Ambree It is soft and pleasant to any location or time of the year, reaching the smell with all the power of aromatic delicacies of the flowers. With woman perfumes Legrain is committed to the addictive aroma of every day, leaving an imprint that is hard to forget. Its subtle texture contains notes of MOSS, wood and musk, violet and white flowers, captivating all the environment with its elegant simplicity, and evoking moments of freshness.
The woman perfumes Legrain they become a style llaneza evocative depth, providing a delicious feast to the senses.

Classic scents in Legrain fragrances for women

Legrain perfumes for women present a great historical journey accompanied by classic and vintage touches, but adapted to modern times. In all its fragrances they want to highlight the traditional beauty with fresh, soft and floral aromas. All the senses are activated in the presence of their exit notes. This brand has achieved great sales success and international prestige.

Discover the full range of Legrain fragrances for women in our online perfumery, where you can choose the one that best suits your style and needs. You only have to worry about choosing the most appropriate one, since sending it home we will take care of it so that you can show it in your next encounters