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Determined to put an end to the preponderance of Americans in the market of perfumes, Armand Petitjean placed at the service of flavourings his passion for feminine beauty and great ambition. With a long professional experience behind him, Petitjean radically changed course and began in the world of perfumes from the hand of the father of the modern fragrances François Coty which broke away to found Lancôme to bring French elegance to the world. This mythical cosmetics firm that few years later would reach a success of international dimensions, and that would be multiplied to pass into the hands of the conglomerate L' Oréal in 1964 was born.

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Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items

Online perfume shop LANCÔME for woman

The first collection of woman Lancôme perfumes It was presented in Bruxelles Universal fair in 1946. Five fragrances that evoke a different continent each due to the international aspirations of Petitjean. Those first scents won a double medal presentation and this fact would mark the beginning of all an empire built around cosmetics.

With the passage of the years, the firm has developed an extensive line of woman Lancôme perfumes that it has been influenced mostly by another passion of Petitjean, flowers. Led by HypnôseMiraclePoêmeLa Vie est Belle eau de parfum and Trésor they have managed to take a strong presence in markets around the world. The woman Lancôme perfumes they have not only managed to fulfill the dream of its creator to all women of the world, but that they have become synonymous with beauty, luxury and sophistication.

Aromatic beauty in Lancôme fragrances for women

The Lancôme perfumes for women are surrounded by a great professional career, accompanied by a great experience. Along the route of this brand has undergone evolutions, but always in the line of French elegance. With their advanced research have managed to design and create high-tech perfume that combine effectiveness, pleasure and sensuality with certain touches of personality.

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