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Perfumes JEAN PAUL GAULTIER for woman

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Jean Paul Gaultier woman Perfumes

The distinguished and elegant essence of the woman Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes It remains unchanged with the passage of the years. The leap from the world of fashion to high perfumery can be considered a successful transition, thanks to some proposals capable of loyalty to this signature among a large number of women who want to completely romantic, sensual and elegant fragrances. The history of the women's Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes It can be very intense with continuous releases from 1990 to today.

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Classique edt 100 ml + Body Lotion 75 ml

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal edp 50 ml

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal edp 80 ml

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  • Scandal a paris edt 50 ml

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  • Scandal a paris edt 80 ml

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Online perfume shop JEAN PAUL GAULTIER for woman

If anything characterises their proposals it is fidelity to some concrete ideas. The Perfume Jean Paul Gaultier Classique It is the starting point of a very particular vision of feminine beauty. Its first version, released in 1993 by Jacques Cavallier discover an elegant and classical vision of a fragrance for women. A proposal full of beauty and sensuality that do not pass the years. A timeless classic which was launched to mark trend. His Oriental and floral chords have an olfactory pyramid where the seduction takes on a new dimension. 

Classique is the fundamental pillar of the Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes woman. More than one dozen of fragrances have been launched under that concept, demonstrating that this firm wants to approach to the tastes of all women. 

Another success of Jean Paul Gaultier collections is Madame. The first perfume launched under this name was in 2008. This classic was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian developed a floral structure of cutting delicate and velvety. A very light fragrance that is intended for a generation of women more young people who want to enjoy a romantic and sensual, but without sacrificing the freshness and dynamism in their lives.

Successful aromas in Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances for women

Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes represent an authentic revolution in terms of elegance and beauty. This brand since its inception, has been working very well these concepts adding, in addition, touches of romance and sensuality. The brand has managed to obtain a large volume of sales, increasing its international prestige. Its aromas stand out for having floral chords loaded with great freshness.

You can discover the full range of Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances for women in our online perfumery, so you can choose the one that best suits your style and need. Make the purchase online without leaving home and enjoy it in your next events.

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