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Dior woman Perfumes

The woman Dior perfumes they are real gems of art. Authentic pieces of collectors that are necessary to understand the history of perfumery. And it is that few designers and manufacturers have accumulated experience and trajectory of this firm. Since the mid of the last century, Dior creations are available. A fragrances that have evolved from the classic beauty to new trends, more independent and personal.

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Showing 1 - 37 of 37 items

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The Miss Dior Originale perfume, released in the year 1947 is one of the icons of Christian Dior. Created by perfumers Jean Carles and Paul Vacher, Cyprus floral aromas are characterized by an elegant and sophisticated structure where the flowers are combined with natural accents to balance a unique proposition.

Diorissimo It is another classic that can not miss in any collection that boasts. The idea of the perfumer Edmond Roudnitska is a light fragrance that does not lose that touch of elegance and sensuality that needs a feminine perfume. Their successful floral aromas get at any time lose charm.

With Poison the basisnew woman Dior perfumes. An idea developed by Edouard Fléchier nose and innovative for the year 1985. Floral chord, it includes red berries or incense to achieve an olfactive pyramid very contrasting and full of character.

The woman Dior perfumes they enter with force in the new millennium. The Perfume J'Adore launched in 1999 is a demonstration that the Dior fragrances do not lose that exclusive touch that characterizes them. The perfumer Calice Becker develops floral and fruity chords simply captivating.

You can not miss a purely Mediterranean tribute. Escale à Portofino Dior It is a proposal launched in 2008 and created by François Demachy which includes natural ingredients. Its citrus-scented advocates a fresh, energetic and seductive style.

Discover the floral aromas of Dior perfumes for women

Dior fragrances for women are full of great international successes and go hand in hand with elegance and prestige. Its aromas have evolved with the passage of time, from the most classic to the newest according to the trends and fashions of the time. In the structure of these perfumes highlight the natural flowers and elegance, with a seduction style and vitality.

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