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The Ukrainian Zino Davidoff was the brand that bears his name in 1906, continuing with the humble tobacco business that his parents had founded. He had to wait until the outbreak of the second world war to get success you in Switzerland, where the richest personalities due to the neutral position of the country took refuge. Of course, they consumed Cuban cigars, imported by the own Zino Davidoff, who previously spent time in Cuba to improve its business.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Online perfume shop DAVIDOFF for woman

In the mid-80s, Davidoff took the big leap to perfumery, field that has brought him countless successes, especially thanks to the Cool Water line, especially Cool Water Woman, the brightest star in the firmament of woman Davidoff perfumes.

Woman between the Davidoff Perfumes without a doubt, Cool Water was his consecration in this new world. In 1988, the brand launched a fragrance that evokes the therapeutic powers of the water; such was their host that, in 1996 and the hand of Pierre Bourdon, marketed the female version of the same scent: the olfactory universe and the personality of the ocean, compressed into a drop, canister, exuding freshness from your design.
With carefree sirens as a standard sensuality, Cool Water Woman It starts with refreshing notes of watermelon and pineapple to derive a delicate floral heart thanks to the lilies of the Valley. Finally, the whole just sculpt with woods and mora, which sweetens the result and makes it stay longer on the skin.
The success of this splendid creation was such that soon decided to expand the range with slight variations, which make up the bulk of the catalog of woman Davidoff perfumes.

Davidoff fragrances for women full of stories with great aromas

Davidoff perfumes for women have evolved throughout history since World War II, in these times of war your designer was able to combine fruit aromas in all its fragrances that has been improving over time to add other combinations more fresh and delicate to highlight the sensuality and pure water for the skin.

In our online perfumery you can discover the magnificent Davidoff perfumes for women whose designs are based on oceanic touch. Buy online easily, safely and quickly without leaving home. You will be able to show it in your next encounters, you and what surround you will notice the musical notes of this fragrance.