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Courrèges woman Perfumes

The geometric Courrèges garments have served as inspiration for the extensive current catalogue of the firm, ranging from accessories to Courrèges woman perfumes and man. André Courrèges redirected her career from civil engineering to the world of fashion and was trained under the tutelage of large firms like Geanne Lafaurie or Balenciaga. With the freedom that gave a sign by his own firm, founded in 1961, Courrèges revolutionized the fashion scene out of the norm with their rebel designs.

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Online perfume shop COURRÈGES for woman

The French House made the leap to the perfumery with the launch of the first of its Courrèges woman perfumes and so began a wide collection of fragrances that achieved success seven years later with the introduction of its flagship Eau de Courrèges. Extraordinary business vision of the firm linked to notorious names of perfumers as Fabrice Pellegrin or Julie Masse, led to the success of the Courrèges woman perfumes that I have enjoyed from almost the beginning of wide acceptance by both critics and customers.

Discover Courrèges fragrances for women

Many years have passed since the origins of the brand, evolving at the same time as times change, that's why Courrèges perfumes for women represent an authentic change of traditional perfumes, for their rebellious designs and full of vitality for energetic and tired women of the classic touches that seek a change. This brand has been very well oriented based on other brands of great prestige, but has known very well how to move through other lines of less classical touches.

In our online perfumery you can discover Courrèges fragrances for women and choose the format that best suits your needs. If you buy online you can enjoy it in a short period of time, so, you can wear it in your next meetings.