Roses de Chloé eau de toilette

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Brand: CHLOÉ

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All the scent of a rose garden emanates from the prestigious brand perfume Chloe. Roses of Chloe It is a fresh scent of woman that can be used at all times.
Perfume line of Chloe It is a new Member, you can already buy Chloe roses, fragrance created for women in love with the sweet scent of roses. It is a perfume of average price, presented in the typical House packages. In bottles adorned with a salmon-colored tie, in order to buy the size that best suits the needs of each or to the price that you want to pay.
This fragrance launch coincides with the 50th anniversary of the House and everything seems to ensure that this commitment will be a success. The analysis of flavourings made by experts have revealed that the effect of the rose garden has been achieved. It's a Cologne that evolves over time, in such a way that when you contact the skin transmits a scent of bergamot that evolves quickly towards the own aroma of rose. And this is the one that attaches to the skin, with a mixture of musk. This delicate, soft and natural smell stays on the skin for a long time.
Without a doubt, this new commitment of Chloe comes to expand its collection of colonies and has no intention to defraud. It is good news to the faithful followers of the news that always bring these fragrances. And also for which have been long looking for a colony with the smell of roses, well achieved and not too strong, maybe Chloe roses It has achieved that aroma natural, delicate and long lasting. A success.

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