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Perfumes CHLOÉ for woman

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Chloé woman Perfumes

The history of the Chloé woman perfumes It is divided into two parts. After several releases between the decades of the 70s and 90s of the last century, seemed that this French firm didn't want to enter fully into the perfume industry. But nothing is further from reality, the arrival of the new Millennium brought a creative to boost to the Chloé woman perfumes in all a reference within the female perfume.

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Online perfume shop CHLOÉ for woman

Chloé eau de parfum It meant the first step. A successful studied thanks to the work of the perfumers Amandine Marie and Michel Almairac in 2008. Its structure is elegant, bright and crystal clear. Its aroma stands out due to the combination of Oriental and floral aromas. A composition that stands out in all its notes.

This release needed a complementary proposal. This is Chloé eau de toilette a light and fresh version its most iconic fragrance. Launched in 2009, it shares the same philosophy. A light and romantic idea that opts for the floral aromas to get those delicate and sensual chords that love in the female market.

See By Chloé It represents a vision more young and modern sensuality. A fragrance of naive chords you need to seduce through its simplicity and floral and fruity aromas. An idea projected nose Michel Almairac launched in the year 2012. A commitment to connect with new generations of women.

Chloé Love Story Reaffirms that the Chloe woman perfumes they have printed an undeniable romantic label. This fragrance born in 2014 was the preparation by the Anne Flipo perfumer, who opted for the exotic floral tinted with red fruit and a woody base.

Crystal aromas in Chloé woman perfumes

Chloé women's fragrances have become the signature par excellence for women internationally. Becoming a reference for its excellent combination of floral, fruity and elegant aromas. These fragrances stand out for romantic touch, simplicity and sensuality combined with seduction. The Chloé woman perfumes have had a very positive evolution since its inception, which did not fit very well in the market until the high position it occupies in the current market.

Our online perfumery puts at your disposal a wide variety of Chloé woman fragrances so you can choose the one that best suits you and take it home comfortably, easily and quickly.

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