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Nino Cerruti woman Perfumes

After decades of experience with fabrics in the family business, Nino Cerruti He spent in 1957 to create their first designs, and ten years later he founded his own company. Signature Cerruti has managed since then to position itself among the biggest names in Haute Couture and this has aimed at the firm to diversify its offer by offering other related luxury products such as Cerruti woman perfumes.

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Online perfume shop CERRUTI for woman

The genius of the Italian moved to perfumery in 1978 with the creation of his first men's fragrance. For 1987, the firm decided to embark on the conquest of the female olfatos and launched the first of its Cerruti woman perfumes. Since then the firm has created a catalogue of selected aromas that respond to requests for a varied audience.

His collection of fragrances Cerruti 1881, It has managed to pack in jars the essence of sophisticated and innovative designs of the firm becoming a reference in the world of perfumery. Led by the Perfume Cerruti 1881 Femme, the distinguished Cerruti woman perfumes they enjoy wide acceptance among consumers of luxury perfumery.

Essence that stands out in the perfumes Cerruti woman

Nino Cerruti women's fragrances stand out for maintaining tradition in their formulas from the origins of the brand. Gaining strength in the market by creating a wide range of floral aromas that adapt to the tastes of a society that evolves. This brand stands out, apart from its characteristic aromas, for its innovation and sophisticated essence in its designs, achieving great international prestige.

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