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Cartier woman Perfumes

Cartier one of the is manufacturers of jewelry, perfumes and watches most important throughout France and Europe. Its origins are very remote since they date back to 1847, year in which Louis-François Cartier He left his old company and began his solo career. Its success was so fast and furious that, in just a decade, their products had presence in Europe. However, it was not until 1981 when the Cartier woman perfumes they arrived in the shop windows of stores.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Online perfume shop CARTIER for woman

The first of the Cartier woman perfumes in true success was Pasha, a fragrance put up for sale in 1992 and belongs to the olfactory Woody aromatic family. Fruit of the work of Jacques Cavallier, its aroma enters forcefully nose thanks, above all, to the use of lavender, anise, Mandarin and mint in their notes, which yield quickly witness to the rose of Brazil, the ladalo, sandalwood, Oak Moss and patchouli. On the other hand, already in 1998 appears in the market Declaration, a perfume woody musk which is a real extravagance of originality and sophistication of Jean-Claude Ellena framed within the family.

Another of the perfumes most famous of this signature is Eau de Cartier, which is the work of Christine Nagel and which can be used both by men and by woman Thanks to the freshness and vitality that give elements such as the beramota, lavender and violet. Finally, just highlight Basier Vole, the fragrance for woman more intimate, elegant and sophisticated brand, which was created by Mathilde Lauren and whose composition is based on Lily.

Classic and renewed aromas in Cartier women's perfumes

Cartier woman fragrances are characterized by being the oldest in Europe and its success has been growing with the passage of time transformed its aromas as the times were changing, but always maintaining a special care in the output chords. Highlighting in all of them the floral aromas combining with a great originality and sophistication.

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