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Eternity eau de parfum

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Eternity for women of Calvin Klein It is a perfume with character and intense smell. The floral and sweet touches are predominant at all distances and leave a trail of easily recognizable scent.
Fragrance Eternity of CK You can buy at a price commensurate with the category of this great perfume for woman. The first thing we noticed when pouring a few drops of your content in our skin is a smell sweet and floral, with hints of violets, roses and lilies. In notes half these odors dissipate a bit to leave room to spicy clove and pepper extracts. With respect to the end, again the sweet, but seasoned hues with certain bitter items that seem to come from Pinks and oranges. All this seems to get a combination that gives rise to the olfactory sensation of being involved in an aromatic bouquet which leaves a trail of quite incomparable.

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