Ck One Shock for Her edt

Ck One Shock for Her eau de toilette

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Calvin Klein personifying in One Shock for Her the innate provocation of the youngest. Only the contents of the flask scribbled with lipstick is enough to describe the character of a generation. Woman perfume of Calvin Klein He was born with a rebellious spirit and wants to become the ideal complement to more modern
Described by the same creators as a floriental fragrance, perfume CK One Shock for Her opens with a floral bouquet of Peony, flower, passion, roses and poppies to mix with a soft and feminine heart composed of jasmine, mulberry, dark cocoa and narcissus. All cast with a sweet amber, vanilla, patchouli and musk base resulting in an addictive fragrance. Only suitable for women sexy and impulsive to be willing to pay the price of purchase CK One Shock for Her and join the army of modern and daring who already use it, making this perfume an addictive and very sensual fragrance for women who are looking for something more.

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