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Briseis woman Perfumes

If there is a brand that has managed to get out of several of their releases thats Briseis. A firm that produces genuine successes to be marked the tastes of a generation. His philosophy is firm and loyal to a concept, simplicity is the key to achieve a successful result. And it is that the consumers want recognizable scents that are delicate and sweet to bring out its elegant and feminine version.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Online perfume shop BRISEIS for woman

One of the great successes within the woman perfumes Briseis is Ragatza. It's a young and cheerful fragrance. A proposal of citrus aromas in their notes, thanks to an ingredient so common such as bergamot. This freshness gives way to notes of heart committed to the sweetness of vanilla and lavender, a velvety combination that characterizes the great majority of woman perfumes Briseis. The base notes include various aromas Woody that harmonize a fragrance of delicate chords along with patchouli and oak Moss.

Classic aromas in Briseis woman perfumes

Briseis fragrances for women are characterized by being composed of classic aromas highlighting the simplicity in all of them. With fresh and youthful exit notes perfect for each woman's personality. Always marking in their designs that the aromas are sweet and delicate so that the fragrances maintain the elegance.

Perffumes wants to show you one of the great successes of this brand, the perfume Briseis woman called Ragatza. Take it home quickly, comfortably and safely. You only have to worry about choosing the lot that convinces you most of this perfume, since the shipment and we take care to deliver it without having to move from home.