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Alyssa Ashley woman Perfumes

The trajectory of the Alyssa Ashley women's perfumes they begin in the middle of the 20th century. A firm with years of experience in the sector that is characterised by sensuality which prints you to each fragrance launch. A creative line that has enabled them to compete for decade after decade with proposals of trend or newest. No one can argue that the Alyssa Ashley women's perfumes they have lots of character and personality.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Online perfume shop ALYSSA ASHLEY for woman

A clear example of what is able to create this signature is in the Perfume Musk by Alyssa Ashley. A female perfume launched in 1969 and that on merit has become a classic. Despite the years that have passed, its olfactory structure presents great intensity, without losing even a hint of sensuality. A very interesting combination that part of a few chords floral Woody. The sensuality of this proposal is ratified at its inception through the flor de azahar of Orange which then see light spicy and floral accents that blend a feminine perfume unique and matchless.

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Perffumes puts at your disposal a wide range of fragrances Alyssa Ashley with floral tones of great sensuality made for you. The essence of this perfume is unique and unique to look at all your events with aromas that will not go unnoticed. Take home the Alyssa Ashley perfume that best suits you with your purchase in our online perfumery comfortably easily and quickly. To be able to enjoy the smells that this magnificent perfume gives off and, undoubtedly, it is noticed and leaves presence in the event where you are leaving in the environment some unique scents.