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Adidas woman Perfumes

The beginnings of Adidas are the brothers Rudolph and Adolf Dassler, who began creating sneakers at the beginning of the 20th century, only activity which developed until 1967, when they sold their first sweatshirt.
Adidas as mark was not registered until 1949, when you rencillas them however, they ended up with the Association of the two brothers, and still had to wait until 1990 to get the first Adidas Cologne.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Online perfume shop ADIDAS for woman

Adidas woman perfumes always the hand of expert perfumers, Adidas has made a more than correct collection of fragrances that meet the spirit of the House: aromas of fresh, light and suitable for the most active and athletic women. Transparent bottle with a note of color, all celebrating the free spirit, the simplicity and comfort.
Thus, the Fuchsia, which exudes optimism, reserves for Adidas Fruity Rhythm, a juicy scent of fruits that include raspberries and black currants, to which is added a charming bouquet floral of Freesia and Persian violet. For its part, Adidas Fizzy Energy surrenders the lemon yellow, strong light, thanks to jasmine, the Camellia, Red Apple and grapefruit. Both are the greatest exponents of the Adidas women perfumes.

Take the Adidas woman perfume home

Purchases have evolved and the online world has become a main channel in which security has increased to very high levels, making buying online perfume much more convenient, fast and easy. You only have to worry about choosing the Adidas woman perfume that best suits your style among the varied range we have in our online perfumery. If you are an active woman and who loves sport, this is your perfume, since its aromas combine a freshness and lightness that you will quickly realize.

Discover the full range that Perffumes puts at your disposal and take it home comfortably.