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Versace It is an Italian fashion house founded at the end of the 70's. First this brand boutique opened in Milan, where his popularity was immediate and grew exponentially. This brand although he started in the world of fashion in the beginning, later evolved. Currently in addition to the fashion market, also sold footwear, accessories, perfumes, furniture, cosmetics and watches, all of high standard and quality. The man Versace perfumes they are a safe bet because the Italian firm enjoys great fame, which has been forged over the years.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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Blue Jeans It is a fragrance that was released to the market in the 1990s, since then continues to be one of the most famous man Versace perfumes. The character of this perfume is their notes-based citrus, basil, anise, bergamot and Rosewood of Brazil. Heart notes are constituted by aromas of FIR, carnation, lavender, jasmine and Sage among others, being extracted from sandalwood, amber and vanilla mainly background notes. All this makes this fragrance a choice, which denotes personality and the finest of the elegances, so being a classic perfumes. Blue Jeans it evokes the classic spirit of the small and sophisticated Italian boutiques, thus providing a very personal touch, look who.

Ultimately, the man Versace perfumes notable for its unique character and that only the signature Versace It can provide, because the class that use this fragrance sophisticated and elegant man which will not be desadvertido in any event or social gathering.

Floral scents in Versace fragrances for men

Versace perfumes for men present a long and important experience in all their creations. The firm with the passage of time and the times in which it has passed, has managed to carve out a wonderful evolution thus achieving important sales successes and international prestige. The brand aims to convey the most characteristic floral aromas, such as freshness, smoothness and the most careful elegance.

In our online perfumery you will find the Versace fragrance for men so you can take it home easily, quickly and comfortably. In Perffumes you will enjoy it in your next appointments so that you can wear it and reflect the elegant, fresh and very soft aromas. You will notice and will notice.