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The firm Tous was born in 1920 as a family business in the hands of the catalan marriage Salvador Tous Blavi and Teresa Ponsa more. In the early 80's and with the son of the couple and his wife at the front, the brand evolved into high luxury jewelry. It was around this time when Rosa Oriol expressed in gold a teddy bear found in one of his trips and eventually became the hallmark of the firm. Jewelry tradition inspired a wide range of accessories that have given to the House of a great acceptance in several areas within the world of fashion at the end of the century.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Online perfume shop TOUS for man

In 2002 the company founded in Manresa was a step beyond and delved into the world of perfumery women getting a great reception that has led him to further explore the vast world of fragrances. Two years later, the pioneer was presented in the market of the men's fragrance Tous putting the firm in a very good place within the universe of aromas.

To this first male perfume, Tous Man, an oriental that combines fruity notes with other woody, joined you not long after others who managed to become worthy of a great expectation. The Catalans explored different olfactive families in their Tous perfumes men conquering a few thousand of olfatos. With Tous in Heaven Him, an aromatic which was introduced in 2008, and Tous Man Sport, an aromatic Woody which was released just a couple of years later, managed to reap great successes of sales that guarantee the quality of the men's fragrance Tous.

Aromas full of emotions in Tous fragrances for men

From its beginnings, Tous perfumes for men present an incredible trajectory, achieving important sales successes and international prestige. The fragrances for men stand out for being seductive, masculine and combine the notes that make them addictive and magnetic. They are aimed at men who like to have fun, enjoy what surrounds them and are fun.

In Perffumes you will discover the different formats and models of Tous fragrances for men so that you can take home the one you like the most and combine it with you. When you buy online quickly, easily and comfortably in our online perfumery, you can enjoy it at your next events, showing off your notes.