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Nikos man Perfumes

Nikos is devoted to art and the Apollonian man perfect, sensual and intoxicating beauty. Despite its French roots, everything that exhales the company thrives on Greek mythology, of the splendour of a civilization that the firm recovers in his creations, especially in the man perfumes Nikos.
Its international character (the current headquarters of the firm is located in Germany) get their elixirs to be worshipped throughout the world; It thus combines the origin of Western civilization with the most absolute modernity, Greek classicism with the emphatic but refined lines of contemporary architecture.

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Online perfume shop NIKOS for man

That resounding Greek character in the Perfumes Nikos manalmost mythological, feels perfectly in the range of Sculpture Homme Cologne, where jars play a major role, with his Ode to classical statues (and a slight memory of prehistoric monoliths that contribute you, more if possible, a solid manly air to the set). A perfect example is Sculpture Homme, a fragrance launched in 1995, water deeply male oriental, with the heart surrendered to the Cedar.
sculpture Nikos surprisingly, with an output of citrus (bergamot, lemon, Tangerine and orange blossom of Orange connotations,a statement Mediterranean intentions), to later become sweeter thanks to Lily of the Valley and jasmine. The background of amber adds some texture, although its rather poor projection makes it ideal for the morning and the Middle hours of the day, that moment of maximum splendor, light and activity.
And is that the man perfumes Nikos They squandered power on par with lightness, so that they allow daily, work or sport stingrays but not cloying.

Greek aromas in Nikos fragrances for men

The firm wanted to transmit the classic Greek aromas in the Nikos perfumes for men in order to reflect the greatness of the ancient Greek civilization. The fragrances are aimed at the most sensual and perfect men. The brand has been able to work well both its chords and the designs of the jars as if it were a classical sculpture.

You can find the Nikos fragrance for men in our online perfumery so you can take it home quickly, comfortably and simply. When you buy it online you will enjoy it in your next appointments where both you and those around you will notice your classic Greek exit notes.