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Nelia man Perfumes

Nelia is part of the select group of firms that succeed on simple, easily recognizable fragrance. A business philosophy that stands out to focus efforts on a small group of proposals. The man perfumes Nelia they are characterized by their elegant and sophisticated structures rescuing a traditional and conventional vision of masculine perfumery. A style that is timeless and moved from generation to generation. The great virtue of these fragrances is that they provide nuances mysterious and exotic, diversifying simply irresistible aromatic structures.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Online perfume shop NELIA for man

Zentropy Man It is the most emblematic proposal within the man perfumes Nelia. One of the keys to the success of this fragrance is the subtle combination of chords that presents. Red fruits and citrus are part of a strong and attractive notes. Geranium, cinnamon, and pepper contrasting lush and exotic notes of heart. Woody accents are part of their background notes. A few ingredients that bring much freshness and intensity. Without a doubt, an excellent end to a fragrance that is hard to beat.

Conventional aromas in Nelia fragrances for men

The firm Nelia has gone, little by little, making its place in the perfume market with its Nelia fragrances for men. They are characterized by being elegant with a conventional structure. They have been designed to be used both day and night, since their attractive and energetic output notes do not go unnoticed and combine very well in both periods of the day.

In our online perfumery you can find Nelia perfumes for men so you can find out which is the one that best suits your style and tastes. Buy online comfortably without leaving home, easily and quickly. You will enjoy it in your next tapes where your elegant and traditional release notes will be noticed.