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Since 2000 part of the Puig, the signing of cosmetics and perfumes Myrurgia conglomerate was created in 1916 by the catalan Esteve Monegal and Prat. Classic lines, its products have enjoyed since the creation of the signature of a great acceptance in the Spanish market, which has become iconic and has led them to make the leap to other continents. The artistic and meticulous nature of its founder, has given cosmetics containers and man perfumes Myrurgia and woman's care and elegant designs that take care to maximize the image of the firm. His association with some of the biggest names in fashion to deal with the production of their fragrances, Myrurgia was a large success.

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Online perfume shop MYRURGIA for man

Following success in the sale of its cosmetics products, the company soon launched his first women's fragrance and developed over the years with a large portfolio of man perfumes Myrurgia and woman. One of their greatest triumphs in perfumery came with Agua de Colonia Original 1916 Myrurgia that it has been since getting big sales.

Classic scents in Myrurgia fragrances for men

The perfumes Myrurgia for men has a very remarkable experience in the fragrance market since its origins. The firm has evolved to adapt to changes in social tastes and, little by little, has been making its way into Spain to take the international leap, achieving the perfect union between success and prestige sales.

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