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Montblanc man Perfumes

Montblanc is a German firm pens, fountain pens, watches, jewelry, colognes and other leather goods. With more than 100 years old, started as a company of writing articles, characterized by its elegance and functionality, but with time they have in other fields of action, coming to produce glasses, accessories, and the men's Montblanc fragrance.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Online perfume shop MONTBLANC for man

The Montblanc man's perfume characterized by its refinement, freshness and men's strength, betting on a lightness with intensity. Montblanc Individuel It is the great success of the firm, with a formula based on sandalwood and lavender of strong persistence. Distinguished, masculine and formal, this perfume inspired by seriousness and cleaning. Its floral notes evoke the presence of the Juniper and orange blossom.
Legend also follows the line of the most exquisite men's Montblanc fragrance. The aroma of lavender and bergamot is a sign of defiance and sensuality.
With Emblem become the most intense Woody aromas of the Montblanc man's perfume with an attractive design that represents the six valleys that they surround the mountain. Their olfactory nuances are grapefruit, cinnamon and cardamom.

Refined aromas in the Montblanc fragrances for men

The Montblanc perfumes are characterized by having an elegant presence in all their designs, with a careful care in the details of both the bottles and their aromas. They have been designed to meet the demands of an elegant and updated design that combines craftsmanship, tradition in the same aroma. These fragrances are intended for men who care about their image and like to go to fashion always with elegance.

In Perffumes you will find the Montblanc fragrance for men so you can take it comfortably without leaving home, easily and quickly. Thanks to Perffumes you will enjoy your notes and aromas in your next events. You will notice the difference with some fresh, soft chords, loaded with elegance and seduction.