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Mandarina Duck man Perfumes

The line of perfumes of man of Mandarina Duck It has achieved since it began to be marketed in 2004, earning a place of privilege in the likes of thousands of men giving special importance to freshness, but in no way wishing to renounce to elegance and modernity. Over the past ten years, four are the Mandarina Duck man perfumes that you stand out above the rest.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Online perfume shop MANDARINA DUCK for man

Mandarina Duck Man It is probably the best-known of all the male perfumes produced by this firm. Put on sale in 2006 and work of the renowned perfumer Nathalie Lorson, the blood orange, Walnut nutmeg and musk are, without a doubt, the main keys to success. A few years later, in 2009, the brand revolutionized its catalog with the irruption of Mandarina Duck Man Pure Black, a sweet fragrance of freshness that captivated millions of people thanks to its distinguished and exclusive character.

In 2011 the first appears in the Mandarina Duck perfume men belonging to the olfactory family aquatic Woody. We speak, of course, of Mandarina Duck Blue Man, a perfect fragrance for everyday use that surrounds who takes her from their marine, violet and amber notes. Finally, we cannot forget to mention to All of Me Man, a perfume which dates from 2012 and that it is part of the family citrus aromatic.

Modern aromas in the Mandarina Duck fragrances for men

Since its inception, the firm has managed to carve a niche and gradually grow with its Mandarina Duck perfumes for men, thus achieving an important international prestige coupled with a sales success. Its aromas are characterized by their chords full of freshness, elegance and modernity. In addition, to present a floral and very aromatic output notes.

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