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Perfumes LACOSTE for man

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Lacoste man Perfumes

The history of the most famous crocodile of the fashion world began in 1933. The French tennis player René Lacoste embroidered a crocodile in their jackets game, alluding to his nickname and later took the pull of his fame to start marketing t-shirts with identical logo he wore when he played. Its association with the textile businessman André Gillie enabled the new signature to go to amateur sports more elitist era. Years later with the son of the founder to the front, the brand acquired the international character of today and expanded their horizons to other areas of the design as dietary supplements or perfumes taking a more sophisticated profile without losing its essence athlete.

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    Online perfume shop LACOSTE for man

    Already with accessories, footwear, bags or watches among their products, signature was introduced into the world of aromas by launching the first component of the line of perfumes Lacoste man in 1984. Since then, the French House has expanded that line in a large number of perfumes Lacoste man introducing fragrances not only with the sportsmanship of its beginnings, but also other more sophisticated adapted to other times. The great names which has partnered to create its fragrances, such as Oliver Cresp or Jean-Michel Duriez, led him to position itself in a very good place in which to perfumeryIt concerns. 

    Their fragrances ChallengeLacoste pour HommeLacoste Live, Eau de Lacoste L12.12 Blanc and Eau de Lacoste Bleu L12.12 they are the perfumes Lacoste man most acclaimed by the followers of the firm and has been place for years among the names of the greatest perfumes as bestsellers.

    Aromas full of glamor in Lacoste fragrances for men

    Some great sales successes accompanied by a great international prestige in Lacoste perfumes for men, make this firm one of the most powerful in the market. Since its origins the brand has evolved to adapt to current trends. Its fragrances stand out for being elegant, with sporty touches and fresh aromas. These perfumes are suitable to be used both day and night.

    In Perffumes you will find the wide collection of Lacoste fragrances for men, with the purpose that you can select the one that best suits your style and need. In our online perfumery you will only have to worry about choosing the one that best suits you, since taking it home comfortably, we take care of ourselves.

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