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Kenzo man Perfumes

Kenzo It is a brand of Japanese fashion with a wide range of items, ranging from clothes, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, shoes, handbags and other accessories for women and men. Its founder, Kenzo Takada, started in the world of fashion during the 1970s, with a first collection presented in New York in 1971. The firm is synonymous with luxury.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Online perfume shop KENZO for man

Between the men's fragrance Kenzo highlights Kenzo Homme, with their aquatic scent mahogany, Sage, bergamot and lemon in the output, nutmeg, carnation and Jasmine in the heart and a base of sandalwood, amber, and oakmoss.
L'eau par Kenzo It is a floral aquatic that awakens the senses with the power of the White Lotus, interspersed with Peach on a background of blue cedar, musk and vanilla, a fresh and undulant perfume from the design of the bottle.
Kenzo Homme Sport It is one of the great successes among the men's fragrance Kenzo, a vibrant, youthful scent with notes of mint ginger and grapefruit, geranium in the heart and Cedar as a sensual backdrop, a sporty perfume that is a display of life in fullness.

Unique aromas in Kenzo fragrances for men

The Kenzo perfumes for men has been evolving and changing to adapt to the new demands of the current demand. In all its creator Kenzo seeks to tell stories, realities or fantasies. Its fragrances transmit joy, well-being, through soft notes and delicate raw materials, with daring, surprising and intense compositions. But always in the line of sensuality.

You can find the fragrances Kenzo for men in our online perfumery to be able to buy online easily and quickly, so you can take it home comfortably. You will enjoy it in your next events with a fresh aroma full of sensuality.