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Jesus Del Pozo man Perfumes

Jesus del Pozo He was, for many years, one of the most important Spanish fashion designers of all time. Despite his early death in August 2011, time in which had only 64 years, left after themselves a vast legacy in the form of a clothing firm, plug-ins and perfumes that, currently, it is located at the forefront of the world.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Online perfume shop JESUS DEL POZO for man

In particular, the brand was founded in 1974 and wanted to characterize, from the outset, by reflecting the original style and strong personality of its founder. Specializing in the masculine gender, did not hesitate to launch a line of perfumes and colognes which reached great prestige at national and international level. After various updates, three are the fragrances they occupy a privileged place in the showcases of the best shops of perfumery.

The first fragrance of man of Jesus del Pozo that we have to talk about is Halloween Man. Launched to the market in 2012 and belonging to the olfactory family Oriental Woody for men, it is of a perfume unmistakable whose main charm lies mainly in its perfect combination of notes so different from each other such as mandarins, the Martini, cinnamon and vanilla.

Another of the perfumes of Jesus del Pozo that you should know is Halloween Man Rock On, which was put on sale in 2014 and that must fit into the olfactory family Woody aromatic for men. In this case, the firm has tried to give greater freshness to its aroma, which has earned the acidic lime, Red Apple and lavender, for example.

Finally, it would have to wait until 2015 to enjoy from Halloween Man Tattoo, other perfume of Jesus del Pozo that it has permeated deep into the tastes of the masculine gender thanks to its elegance, distinction and exclusivity not exempt of exoticism. Elements such as tarragon, sea salt or black pepper play a crucial role in it.

Exclusive aromas in Jesus Del Pozo fragrances for men

The perfumes Jesus del Pozo for man from its origins, has been able to adapt the aromas to the new contemporary times. Where there has been a change in the tastes of society. The firm has managed to combine the new aromas with its classic and traditional line, in order to maintain the essence of the brand, but with a modern and updated touch.

In Perffumes you will find the different formats of Jesus Del Pozo perfumes for men, so you can enjoy with the choice of fragrance that best matches your style and what you really need. Buy online quickly, easily and safely. Show off your magnificent start notes in your next matches.