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The transgressor, cutting edge and always amazing Jean Paul Gaultier, dared to make the leap to the world of aromas with Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes man in 1995. Until then, a long career of Parisian beginning was forged under the influence of the most prominent names in fashion. Large doses of talent and creativity joined an inspiration in street culture and served the artist to create collections in prominent firms since 1976 and then establish his own Haute Couture House in 1997. Guilty of some of the most remembered designs in the world of film and music, the mind behind the iconic Madonna cone bra won small Maverick French fashion fame by pulse of androgynous, irreverent and unconventional models.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

Online perfume shop JEAN PAUL GAULTIER for man

In collaboration with the Catalan House of Puig, the line of female scents perfumes and of Jean Paul Gaultier men's fragrance the personality of the controversial designer took a step further. His first creation of the range Jean Paul Gaultier men's fragrance, an oriental Woody's name Le male, It leads the lists of perfumes more purchased since its launch in 1995. This iconic product of the firm, others have been joininggreatest hits such as Fleur du Male, an aromatic presented in 2007 very masculine aromatic dyes; the also belonging to the floral aromatic olfactory family, Le Beau male, was launched six years later, or the Woody Kokorico, a perfume with which the designer returned to claim his motto of enfant terrible in 2011.

Rebellious aromas in Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances for men

The Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes for men have been a real revolution for their aromas full of rebelliousness and freshness, but always in the line of elegance. Since its inception the firm has been making its way into the market, reaching important sales successes and international prestige. The brand has managed to break with the rebel boy schemes.

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