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Hugo Boss man Perfumes

Leaving aside his murky past as Nazi troops tailor, the truth is that the name of Hugo Boss today evokes elegance, quality and luxury. This German launched in 1885 the company with the same name that much later would become what it is today and whose early revolved around the craft making. After his death, his descendants perpetuated his legacy and reinvented the brand by focusing it towards a young audience and business. Those first costumes, followed by other products and fashion accessories that have helped them reap great successes.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 52 items

Online perfume shop HUGO BOSS for man

The firm delved into the world of male fragrances in 1985 but not expanded its territory to the aromas of women until 2000. With the passage of the years has created two different lines of Hugo Boss perfumes of man to adapt to the tastes and needs of its audience. Thus, the line BOSS meets expectations of a more mature and select public while HUGO range is in principle more focused to conquer the olfatos of the young and most urbanites. 

Even divided, the Hugo Boss perfumes they have evolved jointly exploring the different olfactory families to get adapt to all styles, tastes and lifestyles. Its most successful flavours such asWoody Boss Bottled, East Boss in Motionthe spiced Dark Blue or the aromatic Hugo XY, have reported the firm countless triumphs to the length and breadth of the world turning to the German House and its Hugo Boss perfumes in one of the most prominent within the high perfumery.

Aromas full of elegance in Hugo Boss fragrances

Hugo Boss perfumes present a long and important historical trajectory. The brand has known how to evolve in the face of changes in the tendencies and tastes of the masculine society. Fragrances are characterized by being innovative with rebellious, sophisticated and trend-setting aromas. They have been designed for men who like to be fashionable, dress well and love elegance.

In Perffumes you can find a wide collection of Hugo Boss perfumes, so you can select the one that best matches your style and needs. If you buy online in our online perfumery, we will take it home comfortably. You only have to worry about choosing the one that best matches you.