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Floïd man Perfumes

Floïd firm has based its existence on the creation of products exclusively focused to the male sector. His alma mater, Joan Baptista Cendrós, known by the nickname of Dr. Floïd, was from an early age a multifaceted entrepreneur who moved into fields as diverse as the editorial or the banking and was finally introduced in the field of cosmetics by founding Haugron Cientifical laboratories in 1932. The launch of the first lotion aftershave known, was the cornerstone of a long history of creating products for the personal care of the man. The founder sold the company to its recommendation and finally became part of the Colomer group.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Online perfume shop FLOÏD for man

Given the unstoppable success of your shaving lotion, firm took a step beyond and set out to create for their clients the Floïd Blue perfume to attend to your needs. It followed thus completing its offer which with the passage of the years has managed to expand in large numbers without losing its essence of traditional and classic. Already in the 21st century, the casa Colomer has wanted to reinvent the Cologne Floïd and other products of the firm to adapt it to the present without ever losing the nature of its beginnings. 

His most popular and iconic perfume is currently the Cologne Floïd Blue. A product of classic character with a very manly scent that adapt to the demands of their audiences with quality and practicality conveying the essence of the Barber shops of yesteryear to the present day. The perfumes Floïd They allow in modern times buy Online a little bit of the essence of the oldest barber shop.

Classic aromas in Floïd fragrances for men

Floïd perfumes for men have very well adapted to the passage of time, to meet the new demands of the male society. In its creation, the firm has wanted to maintain its main line based on classic and traditional aromas, but with manly output notes. With these perfumes you will release the essence of the old barbershops but with updated and modern touches.

In Perffumes you will find the Floïd fragrance for men so that you can take it home, when you buy it online comfortably without leaving home, in addition, easily and quickly. You can enjoy their classicized chords and modernized aromas in your next events.