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DKNY man Perfumes

Wrapped in the fascinating world of fashion since he was born, designer that gives name to this firm found their own place in it by launching her own clothing line in 1984 after years of designing for others. Their search dress while urban took the woman with sensual and elegant models in 1989 to create its second brand, DKNY. After the success of his productions he sought to please also the male locker room and joined an unstoppable diversification that has led him to produce not only fashion but also accessories and perfumes.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Online perfume shop DONNA KARAN NEW YORK for man

Determined to seduce in all senses, the RAID of Donna Karan New York in the world of perfumery came in 1992 with the launch of her first fragrance, feminine fragrance. Soon, embarked also on the conquest of male fragrances with their Donna Karan men's fragrance and got it with Be Delicious Men and DKNY Men. The line of Donna Karan men's fragrance It has managed to adapt to the demands of a very diverse crowd getting position in the market of the aromas with great success.

Seductive scents in the Donna Karan New York fragrances for men

The Donna Karan New York perfumes have been designed based on the great experience of its creator. Working in all the details, the firm has managed to have its place in the perfume market, obtaining great sales successes and international prestige. The fragrances stand out for being special and authentic, with unique, unmistakable and surprising personality.

You can find the different formats of Donna Karan New York perfumes for men in our online perfumery, so you can get to select the one that best suits what you need. In Perffumes you only have to worry about choosing the most suitable format for you, because if you take it home we will take care of it.