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Dior man Perfumes

On February 12, 1947 a parade of elegant and sophisticated clothes marked waist and wide skirt conquered half the world. Its creator, a young Christian Dior, became so one of the names more winners in the world of Haute Couture. Ten years later, its sad end due to a heart attack took his apprentice, not less well-known Yves Saint Laurent to take the reins of the firm getting to maintain its reputation and that spirit of elegance that took her to the top.

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Almost at the same time of the presentation of his designs, the French ventured in the creation of perfumes. His great interest in Botany and nature was joined by his desire to give the final touch to the stylings of the women and inspired her first fragrance. This desire to yield the aroma of flowers at the service of women, became the hallmark of his line of perfumes and led the designer to feel at times more perfume than designer. This devotion to meet women, however, did not prevent that you directed to the male sector through its man Dior perfumes.

The line of man Dior perfumes was born in 1966, releasing Eau Sauvage, a success of sales and criticism thatIt set the precedent for what would come after. Their man Dior perfumes they have reaped great successes that have resulted in high praise throughout the history of the firm. Dior HommeFahrenheit and Dior Homme Cologne they are the notorious names from the man Dior perfumes that you have become rightfully synonym of elegance, sophistication and luxury thanks to its exquisite aromas and the jewels that packaged them.

Elegant aromas in Dior fragrances for men

The Dior perfumes for men have a great historical and professional trajectory, since its inception the brand has evolved to be able to adapt to social changes in terms of tastes and needs. The firm has managed to have some great sales successes along with a great international prestige. The floral aromas are those that stand out most among its products, to make them softer, fresher and more elegant.

In our online perfumery you will discover the full range of Dior fragrances for men so that you can select the one that best suits your tastes and needs. Make your purchase online easily, easily and quickly. You can enjoy your chords in your upcoming events. These perfumes do not go unnoticed.