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Perfumes BUSTAMANTE for man

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Bustamante man Perfumes

The colonies Bustamante they perfectly reflect that vital and energetic style that shows the singer in his lyrics. His land and his passions become inspired to develop a few perfumes where the simplicity and natural chords predominate. Transparent and nearby, ideas for people looking for fragrances that are suited to your tastes and lifestyle.

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  • Esencia In Black Bustamante edt 100 ml + Deo 150 ml

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  • Bustamante Muy Mío edt 100 ml + After Shave 75 ml

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  • Bustamante Muy Mío edt 100 ml + Deo 150 ml

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  • Bustamante Muy Mío Sport edt 100 ml + Toilet Bag

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  • Esencia In Black Bustamante edt 100 ml + After Shave 75 ml

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    Online perfume shop BUSTAMANTE for man

    From the year 2012, the releases under the brand name Bustamante are consistent. Fragrances that have a great reception by consumers. The man perfumes Bustamante they are key to understanding its success, thank you some proposals for large male sectors.

    Muy Mío It is the best-known fragrance of Bustamante. Her first release and success. An idea that combines the accents more seductive and elegant with the necessary ingredients to achieve a modern and current perfume. Muy Mío Sport It was a sport review of their great classic. A proposal aimed towards younger consumers. Esencia Azul Man represents a more personal creation. A fragrance of aquatic scents, which is inspired by the Cantabrian Sea and shows that the man perfumes Bustamante they have a high degree of maturity. Finally have the last creation Esencia in Black Man for sophisticated and successful men.

    Aromas with personality in Bustamante fragrances for men

    The Bustamante perfumes for men are designed to reflect the personality of the singer, through a combination of soft and fresh aromas. Bustamante wanted some fragrances for energetic, elegant, seductive and modern men, that's how he got them, inspired by him, with which to transmit all the emotions and sensations that are generated in each of his concerts.

    In Perffumes you can discover the different range of Bustamante fragrances for men so you can select the one that best fits what you need. Buy it online easily, easily and quickly. You will enjoy it in your next meetings where you will show off your elegant and seductive departure notes that will not go unnoticed.

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