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Benetton man Perfumes

Benetton It is currently one of the most prestigious Italian fashion brands. But, in addition, has become everything a reference within the world of the perfumes of man. This is because, largely, the audacity, the daring and the self-assurance that, since its origins, have characterized the brand. Founded in 1965 in Veneto, their daring and modern designs soon captivate the public. So, a few years later, United Colors of Benetton already it had shops all over the country and he had managed to make the leap to the rest of Europe.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Online perfume shop BENETTON for man

With the passage of time, this firm was launched to gain a foothold in the market of fragrances thanks to the line of Benetton men perfumes. It must be said that this, due to the innovative and transgressive nature of the brand, updated every year to adapt to the new times. Proof of this is the Cologne Benetton Go Far, one of the perfumes for man belonging to the aromatic aquatic olfactive family whose notes are composed of lima and Citron. Subsequently, lavender, cardamom, the Blue Lotus Flower, amber, cedar and MOSS also play an important role.

In addition, the Cologne Benetton Aim High It is another great reference in the collection of United Colors of Benetton men perfumes. Put on sale in 2015, the freshness and the young spirit of the Mint, lemon, grapefruit and vetiver are its most characteristic elements.

Innovative aromas in Benetton fragrances for men

This brand is characterized by having a strong character and this has been reflected in Benetton perfumes for men. These fragrances have been designed to be innovative in their aromas, in order to adapt to changes in the tastes of contemporary society. Among its aromas you can highlight the floral output notes, maintaining freshness and youthful spirit.

In our online perfumery you can find the different formats of Benetton fragrances for men, so you can select the one that best fits what you are really looking for. You only have to worry about choosing the most suitable one for you, because if you take it home, we will take care of it.