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4711 man Perfumes

Neither more nor less than of the Carthusian monks comes from the formula of the 4711 Cologne, a timeless scent that refreshes and even helps to relieve headaches. The creator of these 4711 man perfumes Wilhelm Mülhens is, who, in 1792, materialized the recipe that a monk gave him on the occasion of their wedding.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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The fragrance exudes classicism and timelessness, is a fresh stimulus for the man who surrenders to an elixir of the olfactory family of hesperides based on rich citrus and essential oils quality, pillar on which are based the perfumes 4711 man.
In short, it is a pleasant aroma and with therapeutic effects: Rosemary calms the nervous system, as well as the heady lavender, while the Orange and lemon revitalize the mood and neroli combines both effects, rounding out a delicate fragrance on par than male, treasured in your bottle of rich blue and gold, is presenting as a small daily gem.

Flowery scents in fragrances 4711 for men

The perfumes 4711 for men have been created for the man of the day to day, who needs to feel fresh, elegant, transmitting tranquility and control. Its aromas outcropping are perfect to convey these characteristics, with classic output. These fragrances have evolved over time, improving their chords making them more unique and original every day.

In Perffumes you can find the 4711 fragrance for men so that you can take it to each of them quickly, easily and comfortably when purchased online. Our online perfumery is concerned that it arrives in perfect condition, so you can enjoy it at your next appointments. It shows off its classic aromas full of elegance and naturalness.