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Italian designer Valentino founded his own fashion company after sculpting his innate talent, studying first in Milan and then in Paris under the direction of famous designers such as Balenciaga in 1959. Her designs soon slipped between those of the larger industry figures and his firm took the international scope that has today day.

In 1978 the firm decided to pack the sophisticated essence of their designs and presented its first followers Perfume female. His first association with Procter and Gamble, then the Spanish Puig and the choice of large noses so that to carry out their fragrances as Olivier Polge or Alberto Morillas has located to the fragrances Valentino in prominently within the sector. Over the years the firm has developed a complete range of aromas for man and woman which makes that a very diverse consumer group can be found in the essences Valentino your perfect fragrance. This has resulted in a great success of the essences of the firm, especially the of woman Valentina eau de parfum and Valentina eau de toilette and the of man Valentino Uomo.

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