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The fragrances Shakira they meet the essence of the singer: sensuality, carnality, talent and light, lots of light, merge into perfumes that the artist has commercialized so far and who speak of powerful women at the same time that female.
Thus, in 2010, coinciding with the World Cup of South Africa that the Colombian put voice, launched the Perfume S by Shakira, an ode to sweetness thanks to the sweet combination of vanilla and Jasmine that is complemented by slight touches of sandalwood, wink to its Oriental roots. This elixir, one of the biggest sellers, evokes this elegant coquetry in the world of show business's most colorful years: the shape of the bottle transports, in this way, to an original atmosphere as well as classic, feeling that continues to suck the fragrance.
In the same spirit, but something less intense and, therefore, more fresh and easy to wear on a daily basis, is born the Shakira Florale, created by Elisabeth Vidal in 2011. It is an essence that conveys the delicacy of a flower garden and keeps the heart of jasmine, spiced with hints of raspberries. Olfactory family aquatic Floral, in 2013 was the Shakira Aquamarine, perfect for warmer days, which adds to the formula Tangerine Orange base and notes ozonicas.
Finally, the Shakira Elixir and the Shakira Wild Elixir change log: both Oriental Floral olfactory family, are directed to a woman sweet and efficient.

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