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Nenuco It is, without a doubt, one of the most famous perfume firms. Founded in 1939, its aroma has accompanied several generations of people without exception. In fact, despite the fact that, in its early days and even today, it is an eau de Cologne created especially for babies and young children, the reality is that both adult men and women still use daily by its freshness and unmistakable odor. And it is that Nenuco is perfect for going to school or work as for most special occasions.

Today, the catalogue of products of Nenuco It is very wide and varied. However, they all have in common a touch and an aroma that has gone from fathers to sons for decades. In this sense, arguably, without fear to fail, that it is a family brand that never go out of style. Among its most iconic perfumes are, how it could be otherwise, your Eau de Cologne Original Nenuco and its Nenuco Agua de Colonia Siempre Fresca. In any case, the aroma of these fragrances to respected their roots and origins in order to differentiate themselves from others.

In addition Nenuco It also produces delicate products for hygiene during the bath. In this sensesor, all of them have great moisturizing power that keeps skin always neat and healthy. But, in addition, also have lotions provided active aloe and vitamin which provide all the necessary nutrients to the dermis. In addition, they also have a line based on oats that strengthens and protects the skin of adults and children in the House.

Finally, we must mention that Nenuco also sells toiletries. In this regard, without a doubt, its wipes are the real stars. On the one hand, the Fresh line is ideal for the care of the skin of infants and young children. Similarly, the Dermo Sensitive that, as its name suggests, is designed for the most sensitive, is perfect for adults with sensitive skin. In short, Nenuco a brand for the whole family.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items