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    MONTBLANC It is a German company dedicated to the manufacture of fountain pens in a first moment, which was founded in 1913. Items sold by the entity belong to the field of fashion accessories, watches, jewelry, glasses, articles of fur and fragrances.

    The Montblanc Individuel perfume man It occurs in a bottle, silver, and blue, which denotes the simplicity and quality of the firm. This Perfume for man it is indicated for a select and sophisticated audience because of its fragrance classic and elegant, based on extract of Rosemary, pineapple, coriander, cinnamon, lavender, berries of Juniper and Peppermint in its output, essence of orange blossom and orange blossom notes, violet and Jasmine in the heart, and finally in its base notes sandalwood aroma Amber, musk, raspberry, vanilla and dark chocolate.

    The perfume Montblanc Femme Individuelle is the cornerstone of the Montblanc fragrances for woman. This fragrance comes in a bottle with a delicate and sensual character in pink. Its aroma is due to summary of laurel, blackcurrant and pink pepper in their notes, in its heart Lotus Notes and pink, being the amber, musk and vanilla base notes.

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