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Mango is a popular fashion that, currently, besides for her textile designs, stands out for the quality of its perfumes. Founded in 1984 in Barcelona, fresh and colorful creations soon fit in the general public. In fact, they did not need too many years to make the leap to the international arena and enlarge its range of products. Among them are the fragrances Mango, a line of fragrances created in collaboration with Puig.

Within the catalog of fragrances Mango There are a lot of fragrances for them and for them that are, above all, for its freshness. Regard to the men It should be noted, on the one hand, the Cologne Rebel Hero, belonging to the aromatic citrus family and, on the other hand, the Cologne Rebel Hero Wanted and its leather touches. Moreover, as for women, the Cologne Lady Rebel It has become the best known. However, nowadays, there are many alternatives such as Cologne Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe and the cologne Lady Rebel Dance Queen.

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